Us Brits love to moan about the weather whether its too cold or too warm we are never happy!
But when we experience a heatwave we really do like to whinge…just because we aren’t used to it I suppose! We don’t I’ve in Malibu do we!?

But, if we find the heat uncomfortable you can imagine how our little ones feel. Not only is it uncomfortable for our babies it can also become a health risk.

Watch out for your baby overheating by being aware of their temperature and watching out for excess sweating, a reddened face or rapid breaths, all of which could be a sign they are too hot.   Experts say that a baby’s room should be between 10-20 degrees C with light beddings or a lightweight well fitting baby sleep bag that is comfortable and safe.

To help your little ones stay cool, and to stop you worrying, we have spoken to a range of experts and gathered some top tips together for you to help your baby keep cool.

1. Stay away from rays – if you baby is napping during the day, be careful to keep them out of direct sunlight.
2. Take a splash. A cool or lukewarm bath for baby before bedtime should make baby feel less sticky and more comfortable and ready for bed.
3. Cold compress – create a cold compress and apply it to main pressure points like the backs of knees, inner elbows and neck, as well as forehead and temples.
4. Circulate cooling air. A fan will just move hot air about so a good trick is to freeze a bottle of water and stand it in a bowl in front of the fan.
5.Stay relaxed. A frustrated baby is only going to raise its own body temperature so in the hot weather try and maintain a calming bedtime routine.
6. In warmer weather, change baby’s bottom sheets to cotton, rather than. nylon.

Stay cool guys!

black and white newborn photo